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Available only at the restaurant.

MARI- $7.99

Marinara Sauce


Serve this to the man you want to "mari" you!

Tony Michael Parisi made this sauce while he waited for a son.  Four daughters later Tony was still making sauce, but no sons. He taught his third daughter, incidentally named Toni, how to

make his sauce. Toni

taught our cooks...

so eat our sauce

and be mari!

SPAG $7.99

Spaghetti Sauce


Reach Back into your memories...for the one of the sauce pot simmering slowly on the stove for Sunday dinner.  The smell of it would drive you into the kitchen, your grandmother would let you give the sauce a stir.  It'd be silky and rich.  You'd have to dunk a hunk of

bread into the pot. Oh Yeah, this

was good, this was it- Sunday

dinner on a wooden spoon.  We

use the best stuff, cook it slowly,

and bring it to you, because

even if you don't remeber, we

do.  Now, wipe your chin!

Cali  $7.99

Italian Salsa


Use this sauce for your bruschetta, ladle it over grilled fish or Sautee your shrimp in it.  Hell, we'd bathe

in it if we could.  Carmella and Mike were inspired to create this sauce by the fresh vibrant colors of the west coast.  Honestly, it's great on everything form naked pasta to your favorite steak, just ask Carmella!

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